Thursday, January 26, 2012

"If I'm sittin... I'm knittin"

   That's what momma has been saying this month! She doesn't sit very often, but lately when she is sittin... shes-a-knittin. Once a week, we have been going to a cute little knitting store and learning how to spin wool, and now, knit with it. Well, not the wool we spun. The wool we spun had a few kinks and size differences due to passing it off from sister to sister to sister to mom.
Right off of the hand spinner!
   So, how did the spun wool, pictured above, turn into anything other than a mess? I'm not sure the proper terms for any of this, none of us do, but she used a cool thing to wrap it around its self and tied it a way we could undo it and wash it. We have not washed it yet... but are eager to try it. 

The cool thing she used to wrap it.
See the tightness and the unevenness? 

We're so proud of our little first timer! Love the Colors

Us+First knitting time = FUNNY!

   No words can describe our first knitting lesson. It was full of: "oops!" "lost a stitch" "is this suppose to look like this?" "my ridge isn't pretty at all" "what after that?" "it must be the needle size!" "can I do this next?" "ssshhhh, I'm concentrating!" 
  The important thing? We learned a simple knit stitch. Momma bought a pair of needles and a ball of yarn, and started a scarf. Right now, the scarf she started is over a foot long. Maybe pushing 2 feet.  
Mommy so proud!
Alyse trying it out
Not much talking during this! Me trying it out.
My little inch of stitches.

   We are keeping at it and will keep you posted on progress! 

Anna .V.                                                     


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