Saturday, June 30, 2012

New River

After District Activity Day (You can read about that on the 4-H blog we write) we went to Virginia?! Well, that's where we ended up for about 20 minutes. All the little kids were thrilled we had gone into another state. We went out to a picnic area along the New River and grilled dinner. It was delicious and the water felt so good! It was the perfect way to end a great day. The sunshine, the water, good food, and just playing with the family is always a good time. 
Lucca, Maya and Dad
Alyse and Me

Gabby .V. 

She Turned Sweet 16 Today

Anna's growing up on us! She is now 16, aw she grew up so fast. We celebrated some of her birthday last night and then gave her some more gifts tonight. What better way of celebrating than getting a brand new pair of boots?! Here are some pictures of her sweet 16. 

Decisions, Decisions! 

Victor said, "This is a niiiice black
cowboy hat Gabby!"


We found this awesome little restaurant where we ate dinner,
it was so creative and fun...just like AV :) 


Momma and her sweet Anna

Gabby .V. 

The Writing on The Stairs

Through the several moves our family has had we have put scripture through the house in one way or another. In one house we had to put new floors in so we wrote scripture in sharpie before we laid the floor, in another house we wrote on the walls before we painted them. Sometimes it wasn't even scripture it would just be a prayer over the home and the family in it. So we got to do it in this house as well. We have some stair that needed the finishing touched but before we finished them mom had the kids write about something they learned. This time it was very neat, and different from anything we've done before.
They had learned about things that the enemy could slip into our lives...mostly things that start with the letter "S" and how we need to "Stomp" on Satan to keep those things out of our daily lives.The verse they based the words off of was Romans 16:20 which says "And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Amen." They took sharpie and wrote all these words on the stairs to help them remember to stomp them out of our lives: Slowness, Sneakiness, Selfishness, Sadness, Sassiness, Sloppiness, Stubbornness, Stingyness, Sleepiness, and Slothfulness.
Daily we are remembering to stomp Satan under our feet by the power that the Lord gives us, to keep out those things that are written there. It's a great thing that our family loves to do, keep God in the foundation of the house in these little ways.



Gabby .V.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Got Kids?

 We got 4 kids this week! A kid is a baby goat, just so everyone will be on the same page. We got 2 does and 2 weathers. They are so cute and sweet. This is the lean-to that we built them, it has come a little better since this picture and I will try to get some better ones soon. We had 5 for about 2 weeks so that one would be weaned from the momma and we just took her for awhile. So once again Bee Fruitful Farm has expanded!

All of the fencing that we put up in a few days, it goes down
into the woods a little ways so they can clear it out. 

The chicken coop has really been upgraded. Little herb/tomato
garden out front and a chicken weather  vein. 

I couldn't believe it but the little goat jumped right up on my
honey bee hives!! 
The goats escaped and we had to call in backup...aka our
grandmother with her cane haha! 
I reckon he's got a good view from up there...

Annie with her goat...they make a nice pair :) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This week we Finally had piglets! It was amazing, they are Alyse's pigs and here she thought they would need help and all this care while being born but that momma pig had some other plans that she didn't care to share. The mother had the piglets at night when she needed to, and if she waited another day I was sure that she would pop! I have to admit that they are cute...even if I give her a hard time. Alyse has plans to sell the piglets when they are ready in about 5 weeks. There are 6 of the piglets total, 3 pink ones and 3 black ones, she did have 8 but sadly we lost 2 of them.  We do not know male or female as of yet but if you are wanting a mini pot belly piglet then don't wait long to ask!

Gabby .V.