Saturday, May 26, 2012

Merle Fest

Merle Fest cannot possibly be summed up in so few word but it is an amazing experience that people from all over surrounding states come to be part of. There's so much music and creativity that it is really something to see at least once in your life. This year these was performances from Vince Gill and Alison Krauss, and Zack Brown Band has been known to visit and walk the grounds even when not performing. Sadly, our family didn't get the chance to see any of the above this year. We went on Friday which was school day and stayed until late in the night. It was great and so much fun! One of our favorite things to do, other than paint a wall, walk around all the extraordinary tents, eat some good food, and buy some "in the moment" special items, we looove to go to the dance tent. Oh it is so much fun! There are line dancing and swinging partners and shuffling your feet through parts you don't know or just staying with your partner and making up new steps :) All the musicians that are present are picked out and specially requested to perform at Merle Fest. We spent the day with some friends which made the day even more memorable, but I absolutely get tickled when I see the kid's faces light up with something they found. Joseph, this is a special for you! haha, here are some snap shots of the our Merle Fest trip!

We have to ride a bus there from parking areas just to get in.

Maya with her home-made hoola-hoop. 

The place everyone keeps their eyes on The Watson Stage.

The activities are always fun and this year there was
 an awesome hummer ! 

Each year Merle Fest has it's own sand statue built. It takes
all weekend and always turns out to where you are amazed.
Colors and "hippy" style is everywhere and we loved it! 

Every vender brings their own touch to
Merle Fest and makes it memorable.

Anna with a cute dress.
 "Should I get it?"
This was the honey that is absolutely something else! It's whipped honey
and there are so many different concoctions. 

This is one of the huge tents where SOME of the vendors set up.

A craftsman made nice pens out of deer antlers and bullet shells.

Beautiful handmade jewelry made in front of you! 

Brooke was looking wonderful in a
skirt she had bought there :) 

I absolutely Loved these photos! They were the perfect
 caption for everyday life.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Time to leave your mark! The wall is a favorite at Merle Fest.

Got to love the instruments that show personality :)
Here's a perfect way to keep track of
all your favorite tunes!  

Some sleep away in the peaceful atmosphere of 
music coming every which way....

While others dance the day away! I loved
watching this couple dance, they were that
 couple you see that you can't tell which one is
 leading because they are in perfect rhythm with
 each other & the music
I love this couple too. They had so much personality
to them and looked like they stepped out of another time
just to see what Merle Fest was all about. :)

Then my own siblings were out there
giving it a shot.
They were cute in their cowboy hats :)
It's the little things that make Merle Fest so interesting.

The story behind this one? Well this is the
wooden frogs and he was acting like he was
the one making the noise...I had to capture the moment. 

Addison and Andrew having fun with
Victor...loving his little smile! 

Its always a good time hanging out with good friends. 

Inside one of the other tents playing much talent here! 
Tons of people are in all day but late the front lawn really gets full with
exciting fans waiting to hear some amazing artists. 
More people are awaiting for the night time festivities to begin! 

Bending Backwards for Merle Fest!!!

And then night time began and that is a completely different
experience for those who attend... but one you wouldn't pass up!

Anna, Eli, and Addison joining in a line dance :)

A picture of the grounds when night falls.
The Doc Watson Stage in all its greatness!

Gabby .V.