Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Birthdays - Venturini Style

We have 3 birthdays in early March, one on top of the other. Mamma's comes first at March 11th. Then Maya and Lucca are our special little pair of twins. They were born the same day, 3 years apart. Their birthday is the 14th. My little blondie, who is rapidly turning brown as she gets older, is now 7. Lucca is finally in the double digits, he is 10 and couldn't be more excited. We got home from our 4-H trip the same day as mamma's birthday so we all got around and gave her things we had bought, or the littlest kids gave her things she had picked out :) That's the good thing about having younger ones, you can give them what you want and they give it back to you.  Here is what mamma got for her birthday. And yes, my mamma gets better lookin with time, she still has all her beauty that she did 20 years ago. Yup, that's right, shes only 28! hehe, naw, I wouldn't tell yall her actual age. You have to ask her for yourselves. 

Susan, Suzie, Mamma, Beautiful, Special, Amazing, Wonderful.
I had given her an oil lamp that was very pretty and she blew
it out like a birthday candle. 

Mamma excited about her pretty new bag, look at that smile! 
Malachi, her oldest boy, gave her a notebook.  
I love her face as she reads dad's card! Priceless Suzie! 
All the kids "ooh and ahhh" as mamma tries on her new bag. 
Dad lighting mamma's oil lamp.

Beautiful Mamma

Anna got mamma a washer drum that she had been wantin, and
what did she do with it? Play like it was a real drum! We love ya !

Dad had a surprise trip for mamma that we all went on that Monday.  We went to a Goat Dairy farm up in Jefferson.
It was a really neat experience and we were so excited to go. Unfortunately we did not have our cameras with us so we didn't get pictures. I know that we include a lot of pictured on these blogs but pictures are memories that are meant to be shared. And without them... this blog would just be us, talking. Yeah, we know. Boring. haha. 

Maya and Lucca's birthday is next. Dad got these huge sparklers and set them in a mound of dirt and we had a fire with marshmallows while the sparkling lights danced around us. It was beautiful. The kids loved it! Including the older ones. Its the simple things in life that count the most. 

The huge sparklers lighted up and dancing brighter than the stars! 
Dad lighting them as we sang Happy Birthday to our
special set of Twins.
Maya, Malachi and Lucca's faces caught in the glow of the surprise. 

This was my little blondie when she was 6 years old,
stealing a hat from Andrew at Merlefest. 

She is growing up with sweetness, drama, a little sassy and rough. What do you expect when she
is smack inbetween a group of brothers? Don't let her full you, she is girlier than Any of her sisters! 

This is my cutie. He is sweet, and was my baby when he was little enough to be held all the time. He is still sweet
and now enjoys making life a little harder on his sisters, but that's a 10 year old brother for ya.

I love all 3 of you very much!

Gabby .V. 


Our farm is only small starting out but we have a purpose for it. The name Bee Fruitful Farm came from a study our family had been doing when we moved into the "new house" (been here a full year in July). We were about to get honey bees at the time and we kept going through a list of names. With our family we came up with some pretty funny things, nice ones too but we settled on Bee Fruitful Farm. Each of the things we want to produce from our farm will hopefully find their place among the Fruits of The Spirit. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. So far we have only made one label for the farm honey, but soon we will be making labels for other goods we will be selling. The honey is the fruit of Joy. 

 This is "Minty" (better known as Roweena), the mini pot belly pig
 I'd say that in another month or so our chickens will be living pretty well. 
 Daddy has made AV a chicken coop for her flock with the help of some of us :) 
 This is an Angora rabbit, it's only a few months old and this is what we will use to spin wool with. 
These are a few of the rabbits we currently have, all together Malachi has a total of  7.

 One of the beautiful roosters and surrounding the background is the rest of the chicken yard. 
 And this would be December, our Tom Turkey. The hen turkey's name is November. 

There is more of our livestock, but I just haven't gotten around to take pics yet. We have learned so much this past summer and we will be sharing with you all the wonderful things that you can do! Almost each of our animals comes with a farm lesson that we have learned. Everything from butchering the extra roosters we had to buying rabbits to spin their fur for knitting! It's amazing what you can learn when you open yourself up to new areas of life.

Gabby .V.

Daddy VS The Pig

We have 3 pot belly pigs, all mini (or supposed to be mini) and the male pig keeps gettin out. We put hotwire up but the other day someone left a gate open and it was time to chase the pig. That should be Zach Brown Band's new song, Dad Chased a Pig. haha. There is a hilarious video of dad runnin around tryin to block the big then jumpin like a deer at the very end. Our dad is absolutely amazing and we love watchin the escapades he gets thrown into.... most of the time because of one of his 7 trouble makers. The picture above is of the pig now, after the rain we had and after he decided to cool off. Looks mighty fine don't he?  Go to this link and you can see dad tryin to get this crazy pig, which doesn't yet have a name. We have taken to callin him "Pig", or "That Pig", among other names. ENJOY!

                   Dad VS The Pig - Bee Fruitful Farm

Gabby .V.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We got our cow! Finally! We're all so excited! We actually bought her back in January with the money we earned from the West Central District 4-H Science Fair. Whenever the kids have been telling people we bought a cow they say, "Guess what? We bought half a cow!" And they get so tickled being able to say that! Well now we got the full cow... and it was an adventure. We bought her from Mr. Gerald up in Mount Airy area. It was funny watching 3 grown men trying to work with one stubborn female cow! Dad and the handy
man, Mr. Steve, had to really throw their backs into it. Little did we know we were getting a fainting cow!
Maya, my little blondie, looking at our new Jersey.

Momma and Mr. Gerald watching dad try to get hold of the cow.

Dad tried to lasso her....

Then he tried to get to her head...

Finally he got her and that's when the war began. 

This is Mr. Steve, he was finishing up working on the house
when the cow came so he thought he would watch...

When she came off the trailer she fought  a little ways then just fell over!
She had gotten so mad that she decided she had had enough and laid down! 

Dad thought that if you could roll a horse over then
you could surely roll a cow over.

It worked... for all of 3 minutes. Then she was down again.

Mr. Steve jumped right in and gave a helping hand... musta thought they needed it hahah. 

Mr. Steve with the beautiful Jersey. 

Back to the tugging and pulling and man power...

In the end we did get here to a nice little fenced in pen until the pasture is done... but not before a good  restful sit.  After a few weeks of spending time with her we should be able to milk her when her calf comes without her gettin so upset. She is going to be our milking cow which means soon enough we will be able to share soap and cheese and other idears with yall!

Gabby .V. 

Our Little Farm

.We were asked recently to put up some pictures of our farm and house. We're happy to do this for yall! Hope you enjoy it all... just remember, it is still a working progress. I tried to get the best angles and get it all clearly so its easy to understand. Maybe it turned out fine?  I know this is kinda lengthy but the pictures needed to be medium or no one could tell what they were! 
Looking at the chicken pen, to the left is the rabbits.

The rabbit arena haha! 

This is the whole bottom, front yard set up. In front is the honey bees, then starting at the right there are rabbits, chicken pen, chicken coop, pig pen, and dog lot. 

Here is a view looking across the yard. Our neighbors house is our grandparents. 

That would be the fire pit, beside the drive. 

This is the only amount of what momma likes to think of as grass in the yard.
 (sssh don't tell her but it's really clover!) 

This is looking from the greenhouse to home. 

The green house and more of that clover! About where I'm standing
to the very back where the woods start will be our pasture.
Looking at the greenhouse with the rest of the pasture and pens.

The backyard... It needs some work but it's not as bad as it looks.

Much better picture of the back. Little Porch, and there's our deck.

That is the side of our home, gettin a little bit of everything. 

The front of our beautiful home. With the gardens and walkways.

That is the wonderful front porch we love so much! 

And lastly, this is the view from our front porch facing the road and animals.

Gabby .V.