Saturday, October 27, 2012

Room or Stall?

Maya has been wanting a horse since we've moved back to the country and since she can't have Mr. Lonely. So an artist we know made this beautiful picture on a huge canvas and then dad made it like an actual stall door in Maya's room. Totally cool right?! It looks great and Maya loves it. There's even plans maybe in the future to make it like the door can open and then have shallow shelves in there (her room is on an outer corner so we can't make an actual small closet thing like we wanted). Always creative around our house. Can't wait to do the upstairs and share the photos with y'all!  

Gabby .V. 

Mamma had a Cow

Mom went around the house waking everyone up this morning saying that we had a calf, the only thing I hesitated for was the camera. The long awaited moment came. Our beautiful Jersey mamma, Mollie, just had her calf this morning. Oh it's so sweet and beautiful! It is a bull, at least that's what we can tell. Dad picked him up to see his weight, and he's about 35-40lbs. Healthy, and big. He has big brown eyes, he's light brown, and sooo soft. There were 9 people watching him stumble around, hear his first noises, and then watching him milk, and all 9 were going "awwww!" I can't believe that Mollie finally dropped him! We were so excited. Because he is a bull then we have pre-decided to sale him, but until then I'm sure that all 9 will make a bond with him - his name is already Sanders- Dad held him while we all got to touch and feel the little one, luckily Mollie wasn't too over protective. (That is a huge change if you have seen the very first post about her!)
Enough talk, here's the precious photos!

Isn't he precious?! 

 All the Family watching Baby Sanders.

Venturini Family

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Honey on the Farm

This summer has really been great. Learning all sorts of lessons on managing money, taking out loans, and getting back profit (that right now, goes right back into the bees!).
This is one of my jars of spring honey. Beautiful, light, and oh it tasted so good. I was glad to start building up a clientele. Some close friends in SC and as of right now, I even have some people interested and buying from 2 different states! Clearly excited about that seeing as they aren't family members, or even close friends.
Going to make it through the winter and then make and even bigger push next spring and summer. See what we can come up with.
I currently have a $700 payment to make, and I have about $200 of it, counting on God seeing as he's the one in control of the honeybees and gonna see what I can do about the other $500. Just faith and trust, He will provide.

:) Honey anyone?


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Visiting Family from Years Past

Mrs. Debbie Myers 
On July 7th of this year we got a call from someone from our past. The call was not one of joy like we would have been expecting but it was one of a struggle finally ending. This started when I was about 1, we had just moved to Charleston SC and had no where to live. Mrs. Debbie Myers and her family stepped right up and took us in. They made us welcome and we felt at home. We lived with them twice that year and they forever became part of our lives. There was Daddy-O, Little David and Denise, Omar and of course Mrs. Debbie. We stayed at Charleston for about 3 years and visited often, we left with another Venturini child.
Since then we have visited them only once, about 6 years ago. Mrs. Debbie was diagnosed with cancer but before that happened she lived a life doing things she loved. Debbie made beautiful pottery and really had a talent for it, her house is full of things she created. She had also begun to raise Arabian horses and had 4 of them on the farm. She leaves behind her family and her farm, but with the two together, it is a dream that she loved and that will continue on for a long time to come.
I'm not here to tell about how sad it will be without her, or about how much sadness was at the funeral. To tell the truth, there wasn't a ton of sadness. It was a nice funeral where a life was celebrated instead of grieved. The family had a lot of help during this time and it made it all easier to handle. I was glad to come back and be a part of something to make their life a little easier during that time. There were a lot of memories made during that weekend and I hope that we get a chance to come back soon.
I wish I had taken more pictures of the family, Denise looked beautiful in a simple black dress with her boots all day,  but I was unsure during this time. Next time there will be many more pics of people! When we first arrived me, Little David, Dad, Malachi, Lucca, and Maya all got stuck in a horse trailer during a Huge thunderstorm. It was one of those memorable moments in the weekend. I also loved the fire truck lesson with David! That was amazing. Of course who could forget about the frog habitats? David, I hope that you like the little bit that I got from that weekend.


I loved many of the southern accents that friends helped to create
for the cookout later that day back on the farm. It was beautiful. 

Little David had a friend the
whole weekend! 
Mr. Lonely, one of the Arabians on the farm. 

Momma and Mr. Lonely having a snack...

And that snack led to David's new hat :) 

 Denise and Maya had some late night fun with Mayo and tangled hair while momma and David were getting a massage, then learning how to braid hair. All in all, the weekend was great. Seeing everyone that I knew when I was little was just a good feeling and then them meeting the rest of our crew was so nice. I can't wait to go back sometime soon. There are some more scenic pictures on the photography blog if you want to see them as well.

Gabby .V. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

New River

After District Activity Day (You can read about that on the 4-H blog we write) we went to Virginia?! Well, that's where we ended up for about 20 minutes. All the little kids were thrilled we had gone into another state. We went out to a picnic area along the New River and grilled dinner. It was delicious and the water felt so good! It was the perfect way to end a great day. The sunshine, the water, good food, and just playing with the family is always a good time. 
Lucca, Maya and Dad
Alyse and Me

Gabby .V. 

She Turned Sweet 16 Today

Anna's growing up on us! She is now 16, aw she grew up so fast. We celebrated some of her birthday last night and then gave her some more gifts tonight. What better way of celebrating than getting a brand new pair of boots?! Here are some pictures of her sweet 16. 

Decisions, Decisions! 

Victor said, "This is a niiiice black
cowboy hat Gabby!"


We found this awesome little restaurant where we ate dinner,
it was so creative and fun...just like AV :) 


Momma and her sweet Anna

Gabby .V.