Friday, May 25, 2012

Springtime Brings Swarms!

Our spring has brought some great things to our "little" farm. The honey bee hives expanded from 3 to 7 within a few weeks. Out of the 3 I had to begin with 2 of them swarmed. Meaning they split themselves to make another hive and provided themselves with a queen. Great thing! So I got some friends to come help us out because they had swarmed about 30 feet into a tree. We managed to get the bigger swarm and the smaller one that we attempted to catch seemed to go back to the "home" hive. Getting a swarm out of a 30 foot tree is no easy task and we were more than happy to have someone around who could hold the pole and grab those honey bees.
About 2 weeks after that escapade Mr. Dick came out and brought me 3 nucs. Yesterday I finished getting the last nuc into a hive body and now I'll be waiting about a week to put the supers on. Some great opportunities are coming for my honey business and I can't wait to see what God will work out! To be prepared for the rapid happenings that bees love to throw at you, then you need to have all your equipment together and ready to be used. So today I spent a few hours putting about 30 super frames together with my    brother...only 40 more to go! 
Mrs. Debbie and Mr. Wayde helping us out... in a big way!  

The bee swarm was incredible to watch.
We put a frame of brood into the bucket to help
draw the bees into the waiting nuc. 

The 2nd swarm was smaller & about the same height up. 

Working with these two was great and I was blessed
 to have them near.

Gabby .V.

The honey bees bearded for a long time in
 the heat of the day...with a curious onlooker.

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