Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mamma had a Cow

Mom went around the house waking everyone up this morning saying that we had a calf, the only thing I hesitated for was the camera. The long awaited moment came. Our beautiful Jersey mamma, Mollie, just had her calf this morning. Oh it's so sweet and beautiful! It is a bull, at least that's what we can tell. Dad picked him up to see his weight, and he's about 35-40lbs. Healthy, and big. He has big brown eyes, he's light brown, and sooo soft. There were 9 people watching him stumble around, hear his first noises, and then watching him milk, and all 9 were going "awwww!" I can't believe that Mollie finally dropped him! We were so excited. Because he is a bull then we have pre-decided to sale him, but until then I'm sure that all 9 will make a bond with him - his name is already Sanders- Dad held him while we all got to touch and feel the little one, luckily Mollie wasn't too over protective. (That is a huge change if you have seen the very first post about her!)
Enough talk, here's the precious photos!

Isn't he precious?! 

 All the Family watching Baby Sanders.

Venturini Family

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  1. The new calf looks just like Susan in pic #2.

    Ha Ha