Saturday, October 13, 2012

Honey on the Farm

This summer has really been great. Learning all sorts of lessons on managing money, taking out loans, and getting back profit (that right now, goes right back into the bees!).
This is one of my jars of spring honey. Beautiful, light, and oh it tasted so good. I was glad to start building up a clientele. Some close friends in SC and as of right now, I even have some people interested and buying from 2 different states! Clearly excited about that seeing as they aren't family members, or even close friends.
Going to make it through the winter and then make and even bigger push next spring and summer. See what we can come up with.
I currently have a $700 payment to make, and I have about $200 of it, counting on God seeing as he's the one in control of the honeybees and gonna see what I can do about the other $500. Just faith and trust, He will provide.

:) Honey anyone?


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