Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Additions

We have had some new additions to the farm over the past two weeks. It is amazing to see all the blessing that God is adding to our lives. Let's get some pictures to show yall!

Malachi and Maya with a Flemmish Giant female. 

Victor with the rabbit that is as big as he is! 

Dad brought the Angora rabbit up.... its  huge! 

Malachi with his Angora. 

She's beautiful and as big as my cat! 

Want a little help there boys? 

Lion Head, isn't it cute? 

It looks like Anna :) 

Beautiful girl with a very cute rabbit. 
This rabbit is about 2 months old. 

Mom went to the cattle sale and came back with this Guinea. 

Me and Anna named him Olaf haha. He makes funny sounds
and Molly likes to chase him.

We also have 2 bunnies that are broken coat and are only about 2 weeks old. They are precious and so small still. The cow, Molly, is supposed to have her calf any day now. We actually think that it could be today. No tellin but its very near her time! That is going to be very exciting. And we have some good advice to go by. We also are buying 4 goats soon. 2 weathers and 2 nannies.  So look for all those babies soon!

Gabby .V. 

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