Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Birthdays - Venturini Style

We have 3 birthdays in early March, one on top of the other. Mamma's comes first at March 11th. Then Maya and Lucca are our special little pair of twins. They were born the same day, 3 years apart. Their birthday is the 14th. My little blondie, who is rapidly turning brown as she gets older, is now 7. Lucca is finally in the double digits, he is 10 and couldn't be more excited. We got home from our 4-H trip the same day as mamma's birthday so we all got around and gave her things we had bought, or the littlest kids gave her things she had picked out :) That's the good thing about having younger ones, you can give them what you want and they give it back to you.  Here is what mamma got for her birthday. And yes, my mamma gets better lookin with time, she still has all her beauty that she did 20 years ago. Yup, that's right, shes only 28! hehe, naw, I wouldn't tell yall her actual age. You have to ask her for yourselves. 

Susan, Suzie, Mamma, Beautiful, Special, Amazing, Wonderful.
I had given her an oil lamp that was very pretty and she blew
it out like a birthday candle. 

Mamma excited about her pretty new bag, look at that smile! 
Malachi, her oldest boy, gave her a notebook.  
I love her face as she reads dad's card! Priceless Suzie! 
All the kids "ooh and ahhh" as mamma tries on her new bag. 
Dad lighting mamma's oil lamp.

Beautiful Mamma

Anna got mamma a washer drum that she had been wantin, and
what did she do with it? Play like it was a real drum! We love ya !

Dad had a surprise trip for mamma that we all went on that Monday.  We went to a Goat Dairy farm up in Jefferson.
It was a really neat experience and we were so excited to go. Unfortunately we did not have our cameras with us so we didn't get pictures. I know that we include a lot of pictured on these blogs but pictures are memories that are meant to be shared. And without them... this blog would just be us, talking. Yeah, we know. Boring. haha. 

Maya and Lucca's birthday is next. Dad got these huge sparklers and set them in a mound of dirt and we had a fire with marshmallows while the sparkling lights danced around us. It was beautiful. The kids loved it! Including the older ones. Its the simple things in life that count the most. 

The huge sparklers lighted up and dancing brighter than the stars! 
Dad lighting them as we sang Happy Birthday to our
special set of Twins.
Maya, Malachi and Lucca's faces caught in the glow of the surprise. 

This was my little blondie when she was 6 years old,
stealing a hat from Andrew at Merlefest. 

She is growing up with sweetness, drama, a little sassy and rough. What do you expect when she
is smack inbetween a group of brothers? Don't let her full you, she is girlier than Any of her sisters! 

This is my cutie. He is sweet, and was my baby when he was little enough to be held all the time. He is still sweet
and now enjoys making life a little harder on his sisters, but that's a 10 year old brother for ya.

I love all 3 of you very much!

Gabby .V. 

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