Sunday, June 10, 2012

Got Kids?

 We got 4 kids this week! A kid is a baby goat, just so everyone will be on the same page. We got 2 does and 2 weathers. They are so cute and sweet. This is the lean-to that we built them, it has come a little better since this picture and I will try to get some better ones soon. We had 5 for about 2 weeks so that one would be weaned from the momma and we just took her for awhile. So once again Bee Fruitful Farm has expanded!

All of the fencing that we put up in a few days, it goes down
into the woods a little ways so they can clear it out. 

The chicken coop has really been upgraded. Little herb/tomato
garden out front and a chicken weather  vein. 

I couldn't believe it but the little goat jumped right up on my
honey bee hives!! 
The goats escaped and we had to call in backup...aka our
grandmother with her cane haha! 
I reckon he's got a good view from up there...

Annie with her goat...they make a nice pair :) 

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