Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This week we Finally had piglets! It was amazing, they are Alyse's pigs and here she thought they would need help and all this care while being born but that momma pig had some other plans that she didn't care to share. The mother had the piglets at night when she needed to, and if she waited another day I was sure that she would pop! I have to admit that they are cute...even if I give her a hard time. Alyse has plans to sell the piglets when they are ready in about 5 weeks. There are 6 of the piglets total, 3 pink ones and 3 black ones, she did have 8 but sadly we lost 2 of them.  We do not know male or female as of yet but if you are wanting a mini pot belly piglet then don't wait long to ask!

Gabby .V. 


  1. Oh they're SOOOO cute!!:) What breed are they? Pot-bellied? I would love to get a/some pigs someday when we live on a farm again.:)

    1. They are mini pot-bellied pigs. They are interesting little critters. :)