Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Little Farm

.We were asked recently to put up some pictures of our farm and house. We're happy to do this for yall! Hope you enjoy it all... just remember, it is still a working progress. I tried to get the best angles and get it all clearly so its easy to understand. Maybe it turned out fine?  I know this is kinda lengthy but the pictures needed to be medium or no one could tell what they were! 
Looking at the chicken pen, to the left is the rabbits.

The rabbit arena haha! 

This is the whole bottom, front yard set up. In front is the honey bees, then starting at the right there are rabbits, chicken pen, chicken coop, pig pen, and dog lot. 

Here is a view looking across the yard. Our neighbors house is our grandparents. 

That would be the fire pit, beside the drive. 

This is the only amount of what momma likes to think of as grass in the yard.
 (sssh don't tell her but it's really clover!) 

This is looking from the greenhouse to home. 

The green house and more of that clover! About where I'm standing
to the very back where the woods start will be our pasture.
Looking at the greenhouse with the rest of the pasture and pens.

The backyard... It needs some work but it's not as bad as it looks.

Much better picture of the back. Little Porch, and there's our deck.

That is the side of our home, gettin a little bit of everything. 

The front of our beautiful home. With the gardens and walkways.

That is the wonderful front porch we love so much! 

And lastly, this is the view from our front porch facing the road and animals.

Gabby .V.

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