Saturday, March 24, 2012


Our farm is only small starting out but we have a purpose for it. The name Bee Fruitful Farm came from a study our family had been doing when we moved into the "new house" (been here a full year in July). We were about to get honey bees at the time and we kept going through a list of names. With our family we came up with some pretty funny things, nice ones too but we settled on Bee Fruitful Farm. Each of the things we want to produce from our farm will hopefully find their place among the Fruits of The Spirit. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. So far we have only made one label for the farm honey, but soon we will be making labels for other goods we will be selling. The honey is the fruit of Joy. 

 This is "Minty" (better known as Roweena), the mini pot belly pig
 I'd say that in another month or so our chickens will be living pretty well. 
 Daddy has made AV a chicken coop for her flock with the help of some of us :) 
 This is an Angora rabbit, it's only a few months old and this is what we will use to spin wool with. 
These are a few of the rabbits we currently have, all together Malachi has a total of  7.

 One of the beautiful roosters and surrounding the background is the rest of the chicken yard. 
 And this would be December, our Tom Turkey. The hen turkey's name is November. 

There is more of our livestock, but I just haven't gotten around to take pics yet. We have learned so much this past summer and we will be sharing with you all the wonderful things that you can do! Almost each of our animals comes with a farm lesson that we have learned. Everything from butchering the extra roosters we had to buying rabbits to spin their fur for knitting! It's amazing what you can learn when you open yourself up to new areas of life.

Gabby .V.

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