Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daddy VS The Pig

We have 3 pot belly pigs, all mini (or supposed to be mini) and the male pig keeps gettin out. We put hotwire up but the other day someone left a gate open and it was time to chase the pig. That should be Zach Brown Band's new song, Dad Chased a Pig. haha. There is a hilarious video of dad runnin around tryin to block the big then jumpin like a deer at the very end. Our dad is absolutely amazing and we love watchin the escapades he gets thrown into.... most of the time because of one of his 7 trouble makers. The picture above is of the pig now, after the rain we had and after he decided to cool off. Looks mighty fine don't he?  Go to this link and you can see dad tryin to get this crazy pig, which doesn't yet have a name. We have taken to callin him "Pig", or "That Pig", among other names. ENJOY!

                   Dad VS The Pig - Bee Fruitful Farm

Gabby .V.

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