Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby Bunnies!

Last week we had some new additions to our farm! Its always exciting to have more little ones. This time it was rabbits. While doing the chores we found 2 baby bunnies in the nesting box, and they were adorable. One was white and the other is a soft grey color. Malachi was thrilled because it means his rabbit business is expanding. We're not sure of the exact type of rabbit is the mother, only that she is a broken coat. She is beautiful and her babies are beautiful too. The white one died a few days later and when Malachi went to get that one out he realized that there had been 3 but the 1st one never made it. Without further waiting, here is the 2 that lived along with the mother.
This is the broken coat mother, she is a first time mother. 

Here is the white bunny that later died. Looked like the mom.
It was small enough to fit in my hand! 

This one has big ears for bein so tiny! 
It is finally opening its eyes for  longer  time.

Victor with the bunny, look how much it grew in a week!

Gabby .V.

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