Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We got our cow! Finally! We're all so excited! We actually bought her back in January with the money we earned from the West Central District 4-H Science Fair. Whenever the kids have been telling people we bought a cow they say, "Guess what? We bought half a cow!" And they get so tickled being able to say that! Well now we got the full cow... and it was an adventure. We bought her from Mr. Gerald up in Mount Airy area. It was funny watching 3 grown men trying to work with one stubborn female cow! Dad and the handy
man, Mr. Steve, had to really throw their backs into it. Little did we know we were getting a fainting cow!
Maya, my little blondie, looking at our new Jersey.

Momma and Mr. Gerald watching dad try to get hold of the cow.

Dad tried to lasso her....

Then he tried to get to her head...

Finally he got her and that's when the war began. 

This is Mr. Steve, he was finishing up working on the house
when the cow came so he thought he would watch...

When she came off the trailer she fought  a little ways then just fell over!
She had gotten so mad that she decided she had had enough and laid down! 

Dad thought that if you could roll a horse over then
you could surely roll a cow over.

It worked... for all of 3 minutes. Then she was down again.

Mr. Steve jumped right in and gave a helping hand... musta thought they needed it hahah. 

Mr. Steve with the beautiful Jersey. 

Back to the tugging and pulling and man power...

In the end we did get here to a nice little fenced in pen until the pasture is done... but not before a good  restful sit.  After a few weeks of spending time with her we should be able to milk her when her calf comes without her gettin so upset. She is going to be our milking cow which means soon enough we will be able to share soap and cheese and other idears with yall!

Gabby .V. 

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